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The Dispenser

Short Édition invented the Short Story Dispenser©

The Short Story Dispenser offers intellectual breaks to enchant readers, while enabling businesses with lengthy wait times to improve upon their customer experience.

Put a story where people gather in your business, surprise them poetically and encourage interaction, so they leave with a smile.

With the Short Story Dispenser, you can improve your customer relationship by transforming the low points of their experience (having to wait, feeling ignored, impatience, etc.) into highlights (surprise, smiles, a great read).

Free, eco-friendly and unique

The visitor is surprised by an unexpected and original invitation to read:
literature within reach!

They can choose how long they want to read: 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes.
Nothing to pay!

A lively papyrus unfurls.
Printed on an eco-friendly paper which is certified FSC and BPA free.
Thanks to innovative printing on demand, there is no waste, no ink and no cartridge.

Never before has a passerby been stunned by such an artistic, technologically disseminated work of art that may be consumed to no end.
Creativity à la française.

The Short Story Dispenser

Customized for your brand experience

Free art is a gift that shows you highly value your customer and enables you to speak to their emotions...

  • The backlit panel proudly illuminates your logo which can be seen from afar.
  • And the paper features your logo as a signature. This gives you the option of sending a specific message to your visitors. This message may evolve along with events and can contain a call to action.
Plug'n Play


Nothing to configure.
Plug it in and read!

The Short Story Dispenser is very easy to use and maintain. All you need to do is plug it in and change the paper roll when you receive an alert. It is that simple.

Short Édition manages your connection to the literature platform, updates content and ensures maintenance.



Customized, real time monitoring.

Short Édition offers you, via a customized dashboard:

1. Real-time monitoring of each Short Story Dispenser (statistics by site, paper consumption, monitoring of use)

2. Customization of the papyrus footer

3. Alerts: Site managers are informed when a paper roll runs out.


Original content adapted to your audience.

The content comes from the community publishing platform,

Short Édition helps you select stories to enchant your customer:

− a selection of the best in short literature: micro-novel or poetry, 1 to 5 minutes in length

− a choice of catalogues by style

− the option of including classic short works

The Short Story Dispenser

Their clients are already enjoying the Short Story Dispensers!

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About us

19 millions

subscribed readers

selected authors

Short Édition is the community publisher for short literature

Short Édition’s aim is to adapt literature to the modern world by combining short literature, the community and technology.

In this way Short Édition uses passion and humour to inspire the community of readers and authors who dare to like short stories.

Created in 2011, Short Édition has generated over 19 million readings of works and now has more than 230,000 reader subscribers to its participatory platform,, designed for reading on the move.

Authors have a contract with Short Édition, their work is protected

The authors have been selected and promoted by the readers of the Short Édition community.

They have written the works offered on the platform. The shortest and best are selected to be offered to the public via the Short Story Dispenser.

They have signed a publishing contract with Short Édition which protects them, gives Short Édition responsibility for managing their creative output and enables them to receive royalty payments. Our authors are therefore paid in royalties, every time their work is accessed in a Short Story Dispenser.

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